Thursday, May 08, 2008

The whole blogging thing

is not my cuppa tea lately. Here's a bit of what I've been doing when I can remember to snap a photo.

Struggling lately to post here once a week. I'm "nicer" and less myself on this blog than in real life where I'm pithier and more critical. Sometimes, when I'm not ready or able to turn those aspects of me down, I just don't attempt a post. I've never admitted that before, but lately it irritates me to censor myself and there you have it.

Anyway, I'm going to try to keep up the weekly posting up for now. Our "baby" comes home for the summer today. Hubs is leaving in a little while to go help her move out of the dorm. Since she is being mean and wants her bedroom back, ah! the nerve of her, winkwink, I've been having to spend a lot of time clearing out that room and finding places for a crapload of my art supplies and home decorating goodies. I've been really lazy and just using it as a storage room.

If I asked for your address, please don't give up on me. I have somethings in the works, it's just that the works keep getting interrupted. I've been timidly trying out...playing...with ink and stamping, and in between it all, continuing to cling cushion the world, I mean, my red rubber stamp collection. It just feels like I'm cushioning the world. I have commited to this, though, and will finish if it kills me, which it could I suppose. Yay for my courageous daring, winkwink.

Anyway, here's what can happen when you cover an entire piece of cardstock with off-stamping. (Since I was using Ancient Page, a permanent solvent ink like Stazon, which requires you to stamp off as much ink as possible before stamping on the cleaner pad and then onto very damp paper towels.) That cardstock in the above photo became the backgrounds for these ATC's:

The little inchie stamps are a very old Leave Memories set called Kiss-Off Cubes, and I'll tellya right now: they are addicting. The raven, nest and text are Collage Stuff stamps. And I forget where I got that brick background stamp.

The next time I do this technique, I am stamping off on paper that's been prepped with some gesso and some base color, and I could also paint some of the stamped images with my alcohol inks (I'm really wanting to play with those and I ordered a set of waterbrushes just for this). Then, there's also versamark-stamping and painting with Perfect Pearls, chalk, pastels, glitter.

Anyway, before I get too much into those daydreams, time to get back to dusting, vacuuming and clearing out Missy's room. I might be finished by the time she arrives. Wish me luck and have a good week!


Kim Langston said...

Glad to see you posting today. I was missing you the other day and it seemed like it had been forever since you posted (when in reality it hadn't been that long... just your regular Wednesday post).

Why do you feel you need to censor yourself? In reality, you blog for yourself. You just happen to have an audience. Well, I guess I do censor myself in my blog too. I don't cuss nearly as much in my blog as I do in real life. I try to never to use the "F" word online... curious!

Lida said...

Yey you are back!! I miss you when you don´t blog! But yes life gets in the way and with your daughter coming him and refusing to sleep in a couch lol!
Don´t forget about us we miss hearing from you!!

cookievf said...

Cute little note here on the comment "block." Has it always been here???

I'm glad your baby's coming home today so "Welcome Home," dear daughter!

Very cool close-up shot of the rubber. Interesting and textural, especially to another happy stamper!

And I LIKE your pithy critical side. Be true to yourself, hun - it's what we love so much about you. The whole package, including your honesty (:: sending hug ::)

- vick xo

Linda said...

Glad to see you posting again. I agree with being true to yourself especially since this is your blog! :) But then again I censor some of the things I post about too so maybe I shouldn't talk. lol!

Love the photos of your stamps, I think it came out cool.

Gabrielle said...

Great ATC's! Love the stamped background!

jill said...

Love the stamping technique!

I know what you mean about blogging. In fact my dh ever so lovingly says there is a blogging Jill and a real Jill. Guess which one is more pleasant? Guess which one he lives with? Not absolutely true...ok maybe a little.

Have a great week!

Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love all your stamping! How exciting to hear you Missy is due home, even if you have to give up a room. Glad to see you posting...

csimmers said...

Hi there!
I think you just need to be true to who you are. I like the critical side of you. It's helped me gain a reality check once in a while. Your blog has always been an inspiration to me because of the artwork as well as your ability to say it like it is! Have a great weekend! HUGS!

Benita said...

Looks like you've been busy lately. Don't apologize for not posting often.....just glad to know that everything's okay with you. Have fun cleaning :) And Happy Mother's Day!

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful ATC's, Aimeslee! Hope your DD had a safe trip home. Bummer about taking her room back. ;) Have a lovely Mother's Day!

Lynn said...

Love your stamping technique! Very different. This is why I'm not a stamper. I don't think like that. You really nailed it! Your ATC's are wonderful.

Happy to hear that Missy is on her way home. Sad to hear that you've got a lot of stuff to move and find new homes for. Its so much easier when they aren't home. We can put things wherever we want, lol.

I have to agree with some of the others.... be true to yourself. Its hard to do on a blog because you don't want to sound mean or nasty, but sometimes you have to. I completely understand.

Take care of yourself girl. Happy Mothers Day!

Noelia said...

Have fun sorting your stamps!
Happy Mother's Day!

Heather said...

Aimes, WHY WOULD YOU CENSOR YOURSELF!? If you are afraid we wouldn't love you then you are WRONG! You just be you and write whatever you want. Being a spitfire is hard but you need to be who you are!

toners said...

Aimeslee, I don't believe you should censor yourself - just be you! We'll all be here whatever you're saying! :)

Theresa said...

Sorry you're going to lose "your" space, imagine the ungratefullness of that child actually expecting to get to sleep in the room she grew up in! Why after living in a dorm the living room should be very spacious, LOL!

Lynn said...

Aimes, I've been in a slump also with my blogging. Really just haven't had the time.
Just wanted to see how you are doing, and hope you are feeling fine.