Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Awaiting Armageddon

Don't know about you, but the closer we've been getting to August 2nd, the more fidgety and anxious I've tried to be. And the stress just snowballs for me when that happens, so when my girlfriend Vanny called and asked me to tag along to a symposium in Houston with her, I lept at the chance.

This is how desperate I was to get out of the house and visit with her -- it's 2 whole days of all aspects of health care cost containment trends through statistical analysis. Just the trends and not the strategies or processes, thank the Lord. But as quirky as Life often is, I have to say I learned a LOT of stuff I never knew about and got away from the cable news minute-by-minute of nothing. And, as I hadn't seen Vanny in a long while, we got to catch up and that was worth everything to me.

Today was Day One, and as I must be up early for Day Two, I promise to blog about it tomorrow. Til then, stay calm and cool! We are apparently getting a tropical storm on Friday, so the rain will be good.