Thursday, August 05, 2010

Kidnapped by {arrogant} Krap

"...the next one gets it right between the eyes..."

Do ya ever have a day that begins normally, then slowly begins to take a life of its own, and then 4 hours later it's spiralling into a kidnapping against your will? And what you end up doing against your will is just effing trivial KRAP?

Yup, I just had one of those, it's not over, and I need some kind of therapeutic break before diving back in and desperately trying to salvage a few minutes of productive time on my own terms.

I think I'll bitch about pent up stuff in my Pent-Up Stuff mental file. Yeah.

First off, I really want to talk about a blogging friend who somehow cannot leave it to readers to subscribe on their own. Oh no, she's got to send out a group email alert to anyone and everyone the minute she so much as sneezes on that blog. Now, I might well consider this a smart marketing ploy IF she visited the blogs of the people on this mailing list or even of those who post her comments. But, no again. She's therefore expecting others to read her while not returning the favor.

I myself played along for awhile and then one day emailed her telling her she should reciprocate. I got a reply with well okay, excuses excuses. Fine, we all have excuses. And I am farrrrrr far far from being a good blog return commenter, but then because of that I do not ever expect it in return. You know, one or the other. Or else, I'm irritated.

So, anyway, I said to hell with it a few minutes ago and blocked her from sending me any more of those twit emails. Moral of the story here is that anyone has all the freedom in the world to act like a primadonna, but I don't have to play along with it. And in case she thinks that I'm acting like one, then Moral #2 is that I get to act like one, too. Hey, that's a 2-fer, right? I like it!

I'm beginning to feel better already. So, I'll do just one more and then I'm outtahere.

Here's another huge bitch. Have you ever tried to buy sheet music online? Well, if you ever need to (like if your luddite father wants the "piano vocal guitar" version of Delta Dawn but can't bother himself to learn how to even open an email attachment and he lives 600 miles away), if you ever need to, then do not use at any cost this site: Sheet Music Direct . I am warning you, run away from this place!!! We are talking about a website so slow you can literally toast bread while it loads a page. And their process for enabling you to print out the music you have purchased is so arcane it might be extinct.

Having experienced this torture today, I can tell you that any business like this needs to have the music in a .pdf format, and they should either email it to you or let you download it. I will never ever use this site again, that's a promise. It literally took me less than 5 minutes to find the song I wanted and then close to 2 hours to purchase and print. I had to download a stupid printing software program to boot (which I am removing the minute I post this, as it makes my system run sluggishly).

I don't know whether to smash a fist thru a wall or laugh histerically at this company's lack of salesmanship and technical prowess. Again with the arrogance! And my dad can just google a company that has an 800 number from now on, because what he really needs to do is LEARN and this might might help him move in that direction. It's not like he can't, or ask ten or twelve of his friends to help him. That's like I really wanna read some ridiculous self-absorbed angst from someone who cannot lower herself to read my self-absorbed angst in return, like any self-respecting polite person. 

Whew! {Shaking off the f-uglies} That was helpful! Now, back to the cesspool of chaos that my day's become...I'm draining the swamp! xoxo

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