Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year Diet Update

(atc I made *just for me* (a rarity), scanned in and digitally framed)

Welcome to 2010, everybody!

I'm feeling good about my new year and I hope you are, too. I'm really glad I began my new WOE (way of eating, aka diet) back on Nov. 19. I weighed yesterday and am now 18.5 pounds down despite 3 cheat episodes. This encourages me that this weight loss is real and if nothing else can be maintained. That translates into one cheat every 2 weeks, and that also mirrors my feel of it. I can go about that long before starting to eat, breathe and sleep fantasy carb encounters. My numbers also translate into 3 lbs. lost per week on average. Not miraculous, but I'm on perfect track according to my nutritionist (Remember? I have blogged about her before, her mantra that it'll take atleast as long to take it off as it took to put it on and hold it...).

Anyway, it's a great feeling being able to greet January 1 with such dietary accomplishments. I haven't even cracked open exercising. I've only been stretching, not even doing my yoga. It's time to resume and  kick the notch up a bit, now that my migratory hip pain finally saw all my sights it wanted to and hit the road. So, there is no way I can not be successful. All I'll have to do is to accept the slower rate of weight loss and hold the cheating to current levels, and so far so good on that. No problemo. ;-))

I should add, when I say a cheat episode, I mean a one-hour cheat, not a day of it. I read somewhere awhile back that if you keep your pig-out to within an hour, then go right back to low-carbing, the effects of the carb intake will be minimized. I've done that each time, and did stall for a bit, but finally *swooshed* (lost). Let's see, my first cheat was pancakes and syrup and I could only eat 2. My second cheat was spaghetti and bean pasta, and my most recent cheat were biscuits and brownies. One of these days, I'll get around to cheating with a Mexican food dinner out. ;-)) Something to look forward to!

Well, enough about food. Today's not a cheat episode. ;-)