Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Week in Review

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Moving right along...My, my, my, lots happening in our national politics lately.

1. Van Jones, the Green Czar (who's a self-professed *Red*, as in Communist) resigned Sunday at the stroke of midnight and blamed his departure on being pushed out by a smear campaign of lies and hatred. No names on the campaigners, but it is generally assumed that would be Glen Beck, since no other media channel but Fox has been covering Jones' escapades in any depth. I've watched Beck every day and heard all of the questions he raised about Jones, and while the Left would have us think Beck is Rush on TV, 95% of what Beck has presented has been in Jones' own taped and written words. It really boils down to whether one thinks a radical activist can do a fair job implementing Cap and Trade if it becomes law. I can look the other way to a point that he called Congressional Republicans "assholes" in a public meeting. I can even discount somewhat him signing the 911 Truther petition, although prior to his apology for that last week, he lamely tried to say he hadn't read the fine print on it and to me that was almost worst, as in playing us for fools, a stunt I figure he would likely pull again had he gotten away with it. What gets me is that he and those who he works for think it's fine to be a Communist and large in charge. I draw the line at that.

It bothers me that Obama's Gal Friday, Valerie Jarrett is on video saying "they" just love Jones and his work and what he stands for, and "they" have been watching him for a long time. Apparently, "they" includes Michelle Obama and probably then, by deduction, President Obama. And, they all vacationed together this summer. I know it's a stretch to deduce it, since our chief executive can sit in a pew for 20 years and not notice that his pastor is a racist and a race baiter, but I think it's important enough to make the leap.

So, it must be okay with them to appoint Communists to Cabinet-level jobs? Not in my world. And, shouldn't all Czars be properly vetted?

Trust me when I say I hate to bring this back up again, but it's the Donkey in the Room: this reminds me of Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers. This is nothing to worry about, I'm sure Obama would say...again. So, excuse me while I continue to not believe a fricking word our President says.  If you feel something covering up your eyes, that's probably wool, okay?

2. Obama spoke to the nation's schoolchildren yesterday, after much ballyhoo and protest from the citizen heartland. It's fair to say that the details of it changed as the protests escalated. At first, the administration was furnishing a lesson plan (against the policy of the Dept of Education before now, by the way) that included the assignment to have the kids write an essay describing how they could help Obama. Say what? That right politicized it. So, all the flack Obama got was deserved. 'Went too far' would be an understatement. Stupid? Or Conniving and Caught? You be Da Judge. I just wanna know, if this was all innocent, why does Obama have to do things so differently than before, if it's the same as before and nothing to worry about?

In the end, the speech ended up being a good one for the kids, although I continue to believe he's not yet said Word One to students like my daughter, a great student and high achiever. And once again, the Heartland voices of "mob" dissent had to reign him in from an over-reaching intent. Still, his final version ended up being similar to those of our previous Presidents, which is how it should be.
3. Obama will address Congress tonight in a speech on network TV and the subject will be the health care bill. You know I'll have to force myself to listen, but hey, there is a chance that he might actually explain well enough just what he supports and wants in a bill, or maybe explain well enough what is in the bills being considered. I say "explain well enough" because most people I talk to cannot figure that out, even if they have researched it.

There seems to be undertones of expectations that if he doesn't turn things around with this speech, the bill -- and maybe he -- is done for. I'd never bet on that happening because I think if he still has 5% of the people's support, he'll keep on doing what he's doing. Seems like it was years ago instead of a month or so ago that Team Obama was encouraging citizens to snitch on each other if they knew people who were perpetuating "fuzzy" info on his healthcare legislation.

And you wonder why someone out in Middle America or Any America might be suspicious of his school speech when he originally wanted to indoctrinate kids to help enact his policies? And that'd be on top of possibly being labelled a mobster or domestic terrorist for attending a town meeting and speaking out in dissent.

I don't know, maybe I'm hoping he will be different, because if it's another "teaching moment" like his Rev. Wright speech, I may just hurl. Did you know that his approval ratings went up a little bit during the time he was on vacation and not giving speech somewhere?

To me, the fatal part of this legislation was letting Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid create it. Why hasn't Obama steered this with a stern firm hand from Day One if it is his centerpiece legislation? Sometimes I think we have an actor who answered a casting call as President.

Personally, I would like to see healthcare reforms. They just are not in this bill. So, I anticipate a little nap tonight, unless I hear something shocking like the Dems would be willing to take on tort reform.