Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Joe said it's so

By now I'm sure you've heard about the South Carolina Congressional Rep. Joe Wilson's outburst during the Presidential address to Congress last week.

You know, when he shouted out, "You lie!"

If you are looking for me to condemn him, don't hold your breath. I've been calling Obama out as a liar for over a year now!

Joe Wilson, while not my hero, is in my opinion, someone who has guts and ain't afraid to use them. That's a breath of fresh air.

At the same time, it's a no-brainer that he broke House rules when he did it. His fellow Representive James Clyburn is, if nothing else, completely consistent, and is leading the charge to have Wilson tarred and feathered censured. This is the man who race-baited Bill Clinton in the primary last year. Every time anyone says or does anything he doesn't like, Clyburn accuses racism. What a joke.

So okay, Clyburn, have your little censure. Wilson, take it like a man and get your little rap on the knuckles and move on. Because it is meaningless. Maybe that is precisely why, when Dems did basically the same thing to Dubya, they did not get censured.  I guess Dems aren't even as grown-up as the Pugs. {Sigh}