Thursday, June 18, 2009

Spin Cycles

Would you like some bul*sh*t with that climate change?
The Obama administration released this week a climate impacts report that was ready for the public in April, but has been in the hands of a San Francisco consulting firm that specializes in ecologic campaigning, allegedly in order to make it more digestible and understandable for the public.

Hmm. Given this administration's track record, I am going to take that as code for letting the consulting firm edit the report to make it back up what Obama and the Dem Congress want to shove down the public's legislative throats.

Even if the content wasn't "massaged", how credible or uncredible does it make that report to go through the promotional rinse cycle, a report of such importance mandating changes of such immense costs?

Once again, this administration's brazen play on the public's trust proves breathtaking but consistent. I mean, why let people read a record stimulus bill? Nobody needs to know what's in it, right? Same with this report. Better to just let us tell them what they need to know.

Even if you are a total Obama backer and green citizen who believes 100% in global warming, just think about this for a moment. Everything we've been told may well be happening. Let's assume that. The one big question I have is this: the facts are that we are in a warming trend, but why does everyone assume that our behavior as mandated by this report will reverse any of this warming, or even have a positive effect on it?

See, my beef is not with the spotting of this trend or climate phase. I do not dispute it one bit. My beef is, no one can prove conclusively that immediate, intense, concentrative, disruptive, expensive behavior change is going to make a good gawd-dang in the end, so why are they constantly trying to shock and scare us, and blatantly intimate that our behavorial changes will save us and undo these climate trends? Because, that's the hinge the entire argument rests upon, otherwise, why bother.

Oh, I'm not advocating doing nothing. Not at all. I'm just saying, why throw the baby out with the bathwater? Why rearrange the entire economy so quickly and intensely that people, sectors, industries are decimated and economic recovery threatened, when a slower, more steady approach delivers us to the same destination eventually.

This report's scare factor is huge, from what I read. So, could they be using this to scare us into adopting the political reforms of their agenda? Ask yourself this: how deep is your ecological resolve when your electricity bill in the summer is $1,000 a month, when it's $400 now? Or if you can only get electrical power intermittently?

I write this to force readers to just think twice before buying all this lock, stock and barrel. My take is, if the warming trend phrase we are in is causing heavier rainfall, rising tides and temps, and more violent weather storms (and I believe it is), we may be chasing quixotic windmills thinking we can control a Heat Age. Don't fall for it.

Let's Play Spin the Letterman Bottle
I'm sure you've all heard about David Letterman's latest attempt at spin. I would love to see Dave versus Sarah on Wopner over this, wouldn't you, heehee? At first, he tried to apologize for his series of tasteless jokes without really apologizing at all, and fruitcakes like Joy Behar echoed his denials.

Then, the American public got involved and suddenly it became all about money being lost, advertisers pulling out, and Dave's real heartfelt sorries came out (as did Joy's 180 reversal now making him guilty).

LOL, yep, probably alot of the same American public who were belittled and insulted as "tea baggers" and idiot hapless hacks of the GOP, people not even worth listening to, according to the Obama administration. I bet a lot of them were, so isn't it odd that when money's involved, they suddenly have a point?

Newsflash: that's only the tip of the explanation iceberg, see, because to many who are calling for Dave to be fired, his recent junior-high-immaturity-gone-old-pervert behavior was the last straw, not the first. Many who protest Dave have cited his plan to entrap McCain during the campaign (along with "hard-up-news" anchor Katie Couric), and employer CBS's unequal treatment of Imus in similar situations as factors requiring some tough consequences.

Palin accepted the second sorries, but this thing ain't over til the fat citizen lady sings.

If you are so inclined, there's actually a lot you can do to make your voice heard. Go here to sign the protest letter, get advertisers' numbers and addresses to inform them via letters of your intent to boycott their products, and see where other protest rallies are being held.

Make the little no-longer-funny immature brat in his 60's uncomfortable for as long as possible. Personally, I think he should be fired because he hasn't been funny in years, but that's just my opinion. If this accomplishes that, so much the better, means and ends and all.

Senility or Spinning Sin?
We learn that AmeriCorp Inspector General Walpin, whose job it was to protect the public's interest against wasteful spending in that agency, was fired for successfully doing just that. And when Walpin fired back to defend his good name, he was told it was because he was senile. If so, why would he be asked to represent the agency at a huge meeting and speak extensively the day after the board meeting where he supposedly exhibited the senility? Gee, wouldn't he have been immediately suspended and not allowed to so this? And, if this was truly exhibited (I doubt it), it was only on one occasion. Walpin couldn't have just had a bad day? Come on, this smells. Even worse, ACORN seems to be intricately tied to this agency as well. San Francisco, too.

My favorite headline on this was the Youngstown Vindicator's "Obama's transparency goal undermined by opaque acts". Ain't that the truth?

I continue to wake up each day thinking it can't get any weirder or more dangerous to our present way of life. But every day I am proven wrong...sheesh!

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