Monday, March 17, 2008

Wearing of the Green

Hope everyone had a great day today, and nobody got pinched. I didn't. I wore my green. Here are the rest of my Irish creations before we swing into Spring and Easter.

First, some cards:






And, some ATC's:





I actually made somewhat of a dent in some of my supplies categories, as in, out of ten drawers of green embellies (flowers, brads, eyelets) I probably used up half of one drawer, LOL. Yeah, ok, not fast progress, but being that anyone knowledgeable about our craft would take one look at my stash and join my Hubs in asking when is my store opening..... I tried. Gotta keep on pluggin", square inch by square inch, LOL.

And, the reader who gets used to that many art candies being shown in one day, week, etc., is on the path to a letdown. Had I posted on Saturday and Sunday as was my gameplan, I would have been able to show a few a day. Which makes me realize at this moment, I could have shown some of them during this week, strung it out. Oh well, too lazy to change that now.


I've been quite busy at my money-making chores. The tax returns around here have heated themselves up and I must attend to them. And, I got a paying job writing for a political blog. You guessed it, ghost writing again. I must be destined to never seeing my name in lights. And, it doesn't pay much, but hey, I'm doing what I enjoy.

So, that's why I haven't been talking about that subject here. I also applied to be part of the creative team at a new blog aimed at women my age and older, and I really hope I get to be a part of that.

I can tell you that I realize and am pretty accepting of the fact that Obama will be the nominee. Accepting and approving being two different things. Hubs and I both have spent a good deal of time finding our beliefs and opinions based on the circumstances, and I've really learned a lot about how I really feel and how much (or little) my so-called beliefs really fit me. (Same with Hubs).

We discovered that we are thoroughly disgusted with the Democratic party and what it has morphed into. This is based in part on what we experienced at our primary, how skewed the rules have become. It's obvious to both of us that abandoning the winner-takes-all tradition has been disastrous, as well as making policies that punitively disenfranchise voters, particularly the one state that the GOP used to disenfranchise our voters in 2000. Even the super delegates is a ridiculous manipulation. Everything is a manipulation. To the point of smothering the voice of the people through their vote. And we lay this at Howard Dean's feet. He is an awful chairman. We should have known, too, because he was such a divider back in 2004, a fringe sitter who got his 15 minutes.

And, I have to shake my head in amazement at this: the thing that sent Hubs into orbit was the way that Geraldine Ferraro's comments were just blanketly dismissed as racist. He's one of those white guy swing voters who lost out on good employment opps back in the 1980's Reagan Recession because blacks had to be hired first. After seeing Hubs' visceral reaction, I've no doubt there are going to be other white men remembering those similar times and they are not going to be saying, oh it was for the best. Noooo. I think there is something in those Rev. Wright tapes (coming out the end of the same week) that also gels this reaction.

It will be very interesting to see how it affects Obama. I heard that one poll from this weekend had him 17 points down in his favorability ratings. Whoa. Like I said, we will see. Hubs and I know we will be voting for McCain in November if Obama is the nominee, and for all Dems on the rest of the ballot, in hopes of electing a weakened McCain, one who will be forced into having to compromise. If Dems control Congress, McCain will be a good compromiser and it should be fine. We don't want change, we want specifics and security.

Edited to Add: Correction - we have nothing against change, but we don't want change for change's sake without specifics. Further, we have no faith that it'll work because we've seen no proof for placing our faith in his hands, aside from good speeches. God and loved ones are the only ones we give leaps of faith to.

Anyway, that's just a little "I digress". I have to save my ideas for when I'm on the clock, LOL. You can imagine that this is huge amount of new revelation for me, but I see now I've been loyal to something that is not there anymore. I certainly never saw this coming, but it sure helps calm the political despair I've been feeling the last several weeks.


Benita said...

I love all of your cards! I attempted to make one for my dh, but failed miserably :(

I was so hoping that Hillary was going to make it, too :( I tell ya.....I'm scared to death right now about what's going to happen to our country!

Linda said...

Love all your cards and atc's. This election is shaping up to be something else...just not sure what yet. All politicians lately disgust me, especially after what happened in NY. I'm so glad I don't live there any more.

Lida said...

Awesome work on your cards and ATC´s and how cool taht you got a paying job doing something you enjoy.

Don´t get so lost I miss reading you!

Noelia said...

You're like the ATC queen! Have I ever told you that you have such an incredible style for those? They are detailed and intense and LOVE all the green too!
Congrats on your writing gig, seems like something you really enjoy doing and even better that you get paid for it!