Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Possible shoe fetish...

I really want these Keen Bali Sandals. But $60? What do you think? I don't get out much, is this the going price nowadays?

This is shaping up to be a year of omens and signs for me, I'm beginning to think. The sciatica that my f-i-l suffered from (due to the same L4/L5 degenerated disk disease he and I had in common) suddenly began afflicting me the very afternoon of his burial. Yeah. Really a huge coincidence. And, it hasn't quit. It's merely lessened in severity. Still very sore and easily triggered unless I move just right.

Well, another one of those meant-to-be coincidences occurred within minutes of me posting that I was looking for the price to drop on those border die cuts before buying. I received an email advertising them for $30 off the lowest price I'd seen.

So, three guesses what I did next. I'm now awaiting taking proud possession of them from the mailman. That was enough of a discount for me. I've begun to self-enable: I now factor in something I call a wait factor cost when supply shopping. I feel it's time. To me, not factoring that in is a bit like not counting gasoline costs when pricing goods. (Heck, what with insurance, gas and payments, transportation is expensive. Our cars are all paid off, but still.)

So, anyway, the wait cost on those borders feels like another $30 to me. I don't wanna wait anymore. LOL Perhaps I should just make the wait cost be the total price. LOL No, better to save that for something I really need to rationalize on. Yeah, knowing my own game is one thing, stopping myself is another entirely....

Today I spent almost all day uploading things I've created this year so far to my 2peas and flickr galleries, and I'm still not finished yet! I need to get that caught up. I've already almost lost one image(thanks again for saving my neck, Heather), so that kind of got me back on the task. I'm a big believer in keeping images of what I make. It really paid off for me after Diego tore up that layout. Being able to look at the image of it helps me kinda forget it's not "alive" anymore.

Anyway, even more backlogged is what I've uploaded here on the blog. So, let me work on that a bit. I am very groggy right now, so I may only get started with a few, but I'm going to upload something! LOL

Where to start? Okay, here is the handmade RAK art I made for my first 3 names I drew (Heather, Gina and Lynn). For Heather, I made this:
I love to look at that atc. It's one of my all-time top five faves.

So glad to know that Lynn is now back home after her hospital surgery. I made her this to go along with one of the Twisted Valentine atc's she had commented on:

What I sent to Gina was an atc she'd commented on from that same swap along with this card: My standards for my photos are about as low as my graphic editing skills, but even I must be truly ashamed of the colors in these photos. I tried to lighten them and instead they took on lives of their own, LOL. But, the lighting was bad to begin with so... It looked better IRL, right, Gina? LOL

Well, I think my computer is telling me I've done enough image handling tonight. Time to restart the old thing. Til next time, then....


Colleen said...

Wow! You've been busy! Love all the stuff you've been creating!

Lovin' those sandals, but the $60 is a bit steep!!

Lynn said...

It sure sounds like you have a lot going on over there. I sure hope that you are feeling better. I know how it feels.

I just love my RAK that you sent me. The card was just sooo beautiful and of course I love that atc card. It surely brightened up my day.

Can't see what you post next.

Gabrielle said...

LOVE the sandals...I am a firm believer that you pay for what you get. By the time those sandals looked worn, you would have gone through 6 pairs of $10 ones. GET EM'! :)

Love the projects!

cookievf said...

Hey Aimes!

Wow, sorry to hear about your sciatica, hun. Those sound like MAJOR coincidences and definitely worth paying attention to!

Ever realize that coincide is the root word for coincidence? WEIRD, huh!

Gosh, I LOVE MY KEENS & totally agree with Gabrielle.

Luv ya!
- vick xo

PS That is one stunner of an ATC.

Heather said...

Get the sandals Aimes! You only live once. And they are dang cute. But I can justify sandals because they last twice as long in MN as in TX! Keens are a more costly sandal also.
One of my girlfriends was over today and saw the card and ATC you made on the table and loved them too!

Kim said...

Hey, I haven't read your blog in a while, I'm so sorry about your FIL's passing... sending many HUGS your way.
Your art is beautiful and your shoes rock.

Shirley Fyfe said...

I just love those sandals too - no wonder you are tempted - *grin*

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently too and for your lovely comments :)

Shirley Fyfe said...

I just love those sandals too - no wonder you are tempted - *grin*

Thanks for stopping by my blog recently too and for your lovely comments :)

Noelia said...

Those sandals are cute!
And I saw the ATC on Heather's blog and it's awesome! You rocked it!