Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry After-Christmas!

I hope your Christmas was lovely. I missed mine, unfortunately, slept right through it. I was planning to get up early and post a Christmas greeting, but when I got up I immediately became upchuck-sick. Out of the blue. Did that for awhile, then promptly passed out and slept all day long. I was so drousy, I couldn't even answer my Hubs asking me if he could help me. I think I remember just dozing off listening to him.

Anyway, I'm feeling better but still not back to normal. Thought I'd pop in and post a YouTube video of's that is getting some buzz. Watch this and tell me who you think the actor is who is playing Santa:

There is apparently a bit of an argument or debate over who this actor is. A number of people say it is Seth Rogan, and a few say it is Joel McCrary. Still others say Mike Teutel.

So I google imaged all those guys....looked closely at their eyes. vote goes to Joel. Hands Down. I'd bet a couple thousand on it, actually.

So, what do you think? Isn't it wonderful how people can waste time in such interesting ways????? hehehehe

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