Sunday, November 27, 2011

Edited to Add (to my post about Ohio)

I've got a few additional thoughts to add to my previous post. As often happens with me, I have to write down what my initial thoughts are in order to move forward with my thinking. Within minutes of posting, it hit me that these weird incidents represent larger paradigms.

Stay with me here. What if this means that Ohio, like a lot of other places, is moving away from its quaint communities that seem frozen in time? That it may speak to a larger discontent and upheaval in America? Or that things will stay the same, but more and more crime is invading them, like a lot of other places.

It hit me that the exotic animal incident are somehow be connected to property rights, the Amish thing to customs and cultures, and the Craigslist murders scheme connected to the assault on our trust in other people.  For some reason, they just seem weird to be happening where they are, in quick succession.

I wouldn't be surprised to see this happening in Texas, a place with twice the population and 3 times the land. In California or New York, it's light fare for the month. Last year, all sorts of weird crap happened in Arkansas, as I recall. Utah's had their time to shine as well. Back in history, Kansas gained a rep for being contrary. During the Civil War, Missouri was a radical oddball. I guess it's just Ohio's time.

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