Saturday, October 08, 2011

So many mixed messages

I've wanted to post an entry more than once this last week, but I've been so confused by all the mixed messages out there that I haven't been able to digest them down to any coherent conclusions. Finally, the last 24 hours have been kinder to my addled brain. Things are beginning to make some sense. And I had zero help from the media. In fact, they've been part of the problem.

I'm talking about two issues, mainly: this Occupy Wall Street movement, and the GOP primary race.

To understand the Occupy Wall Street protest movement, you need to go a couple of places first. First, go here, to the We Are The 99 Percent website and read as many one-page testimonies as you can stomach.

Then, go over to Occupy Wall Street's website. Read the front page. In case you have heard on the news about a list of demands that OWS has, you should read THIS. OWS says they do not have an official list. What the front page says is pretty light on details, more of a general disgust for what exists in our financial infrastructure and that they want change.

They appear to me to be mimic'ing the Tea Party movement as a reason to exist, which I cannot really find any reason to be against. What's good for the goose, yadayada. And, I basically think Wall Street should hurt and be ridiculously regulated and restricted from this very second on, as I follow the old axiom Burn Me Once, Shame On You. Burn Me Twice, Shame On Me. And the first time was 1929, lest anyone forget.

So, I'll be following this. I'm remembering Van Jones talking in a speech about a month ago about the Left needing to take lessons from the Tea Party. Then, suddenly, this movement. So, is there a connection? Or, is it that others can have the same thought and go with it?

On to the GOP primary race. Herman Cain is having his moment now, and even though I really do not think I can support him for president because of his social positions, I'm still plenty happy for him and find myself thinking, go Herman go. If he would call a moritorium on the social stuff as part of his platform, I'd be happy. We do have one huge economics problem, after all. Plenty to deal with right there.

Perry seems to be dissed by the media left and right, and by Santorum, Bachmann and Cain (together with Perry, they are the evangelical Christian candidates), but since there have been no debates, it's like it's all in limbo. He does seem not to be able to catch a break, though. A reader emailed me to ask why I was so open to supporting him, and I realized that I think that the biggest reason (other than what I've said previously, that he hasn't caused me much trouble at all in 10 years being my Governor) is that if the Bushes keep control over who the GOP nominates, that means defeating Perry. So, supporting Perry means defeating the Bushes influence. And I am ALL FOR THAT. So, that is pretty much it. My support is that thin. Still, it would really be nice to get those Bushies out of power.

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