Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hindenburg of Hope, Chernobyl of Change

It sounds a bit callous, but I've been sitting in this front-row seat, waiting for this to happen. Not happily, although my frustration at times mixes with anger to produce a certain amount of Mr. Hyde ironic laughter. And I don't want to jump any guns, but I do think the bloom is finally sliding off of the Obama Rose.

Allow me to get this over with: Told ya. ;-)

I don't have much right now to be happy about on the homefront, what with living through the last vestiges of a flu relapse as The Hubster struggles to survives the last few weeks of a 15-month special project that's behind schedule. He came home last night with the news that they took dinner orders for Thanksgiving Day, which means they are working. He's been on 13-hour, 13-day, 1 day off shifts ever since August of 2008. That's right, 2008. He has been a real trooper, but the minute the end date was announced, it got harder for him, understandably. He's about ready to kill a few subcontractors who are holding up the start-up (as usual...why are subcontractor always dumb-asses? They've never done their jobs on time in the 20-plus years Hubs has worked among them. Just going by personal experience...).

Anyway, I digress. Point is, things have been less bleak mood wise around here, so I've taken special interest in the news lately, and have noticed a sort of mudslide occurring, one that has a donkey embossed on it. I'd be glad to elaborate.

1. Investigative reporting finally did its job uncovering systemic and systematic overstatements in the O administration's recovery job numbers. My, my, my. Let's see, who's in charge of that? Oh, yeah, Biden is, remember? I should have known, too, as this story broke within days of him jawing off to Sarah Palin that energy is a little more complicated than drill baby drill. Hey, Biden, may I suggest you forget about drills and get a damn calculator and some truth serum?

The O admin is blaming their grossly overstated jobs created or saved numbers on "human coding errors". Well, lemme tellya. That's hard to believe when all of the errors are overstatements. Just a fact of statistics: law of averages says that some will be over, and some will be under, and if all are in one direction, then fraud should be suspected. You can ignore my accounting expertise and just think about a checker at the store. Honest errors are one where one night she will be over and another she will be short.

Anyway, that's just one more way the O team plays us for fools. Here's the truth about this: they lied and made up numbers to try to fool us, and they got busted. I love how it went down. It bubbled up from locals who complained that the stats didn't make sense to their local papers, who then began investigating and pushed their findings upward until a few big newspapers couldn't ignore it.

2. Don't blink, but Obama is giving interviews to Fox. Yep, you read that right, but it is stunning, isn't it? This, just weeks after labelling them a non-news network. Mm. Mm. Mm. He's in trouble and in an earlier day he might have been able to bullshit the masses, but nobody who watches Fox is believes him anymore, so I really wonder why he's even bothering. Maybe someone needs to tell him that when you diss tea party patriots as unpatriotic and when you diss people's news networks as mere opinion cable even though they have broken most of the big political news this year despite being shunned by you, people don't exactly continue to trust you, much less continue to listen to you.

3. The NYC terrorist trial decision deferred to Eric Holder continues to not be a good idea at all. New Yorkers are divided on it, but the polling continnues to show a strong majority of them do not want those terrorists tried in Manhattan. I could add in the brilliant idea to move the Gitmo prisoners to an existing facility in Illinois as well. That's going over like a lead balloon as well.

4. Obama got nowhere with China. But hey, he got a trip abroad out of it and he got to be out of town when Holder announced #3. China even asked him what was up with health care and how much was it gonna cost! I loved it. Like, HELLO, you cannot afford it, half-white man. We are your creditors, so we know! I felt like telling the Chinese they were just blowing smoke because Obama doesn't listen or else he just stupidly believes that reality will play out like it looks on paper. Ah, the simple trust of naiivete mixed with the certainty of inexperience. That's our President!

I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese didn't strong-arm him, though, because the second he got back here, he began warning in interviews we will see later this week that we cannot sustain our debt levels much longer.

DUH! Like, you couldn't have come up with that before all the spending you did and continue to push? He apparently does not have the balls to call off the Healthcare bill, so Pelosi and Reid must be bossing him around. Sigh. This is exactly why I supported McCain. I guess the brakes will be put on after...when? Dems continue to push transportation bills, additional jobs stimuluses, and all their pet projects. People, there is a direct correlation there.

5. Now we know why Obama decided to go pick up his Nobel instead of attending the Climate Change conference: we are apparently not going to sign onto those Helsinki accords. I have to giggle at this, because I'm pretty sure that his Nobel was awarded as a blatant bribe to sign on. And Obama's still going to accept that prize. Wow. That's audacity. Europe is falling out of love, too. Editorials over there are calling him the enemy of mankind now. I kinda wish those Swedish guys would Indian-give the Nobel, like announce there was a tally mistake and he didn;t really win it. It would almost be merciful.

6. Crap and Tax is also in peril. The Senate has made noises that it'll be next year before they tackle it, and it's generally assumed that means the House bill that was passed is just gonna die quietly. Now, this is good news to me, because I have been 150% against it from the get-go.

7. He's also not going to be able to close Gitmo by his deadline, because (and I love this) "it's not as easy as he thought it was gonna be". This really deserves another DUH!, but I don't want to over-do it. Yet, he won't use the court facilities we spent millions on to build down there to try the 9/11 suspects. Sigh #2. Democrats must just have a gene that makes it impossible to not spend money, ya know?

8. And this is my personal favorite: a government panel of experts under HHS has determined that women are getting screened for breast cancer too often to be cost-effective. Now, the reason I love this is the timing of it and the bigger lesson we should all get from it. Just as we are about to have government healthcare rammed down our throats, this comes out and causes a firestorm of objection. And, the most astute among us advise, hey get used to it. This is what government healthcare control will be like. HELLO? Did I mention this has caused a firestorm of adament objection? As in, well I'm screening anyway! No thanks! I'm eerily reminded that we have that option right now and we won't have the right to defy those experts if Pelosi and Reid have their way. This is a parable of premonition if there ever was one.

8. Okay, I'm tired, but there is more. I have to stop for now, but I'll leave you with my favorite news story this morning. I'm still watching Morning Joe on MSNLSD, and today they had Norah O'Donnell out in Michigan at Sarah Palin's first stop on her book-signing tour. Norah was incredulously amazed at the crowd there. It was like it had occurred to her for the first time that Palin had supporters apres election. I was laughing and rolling my eyes at the same time. The ostrich-like pretensiousness of the Eastern liberals and media is just awful. Do they even see themselves in the mirror? Does insulting other Americans make them feel superior and more secure? Newsweek's cover with Palin in hot pants was just beyond the pale. Even if it were okay to use a photo in a news magazine that was taken posing for Runner's World (and it's not), it's just one more pice of evidence of their hatred of real Americans.

And real Americans are voting out incumbents, talking back, protesting, not approving in polls. Ya think there might be a correlation?