Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day...

I've had a very long day and am about to hit the sack, but I want to congratulate the Obama and Biden families, and all Obama supporters tonight. It's a very historic event today. Even I felt stirrings of pride. I can imagine that for minorities it is a truly once in a lifetime experience. I sometimes think of what it must have been like for women in 1920 when they got the vote, so I thought of that today.

I watched CNN for the first time in months and months when I got home tonight (I still couldn't stomach more than 15 minutes MSNBC, but I'll try again after awhile). McCain gave a fabulous concession speech and handled himself like the gentleman and class act that he is. I'm disappointed he lost, of course, but mostly relieved for it to be over. Plus, I'm not going to have too much trouble, as thinking like a Democrat has been in my DNA for 52 years. It won't be nearly as hard as if I had actually become a Republican or something.

Which is what I wanted to chat a bit about. I spent a few minutes perusing some of the McCain blogs I've kept up with, because I was frankly looking for some gracious language to borrow. But, funny thing, couldn't find any. The vast majority are still in denial or just downright depressed or catty.

I find it kinda old. C'mon, guys. It's a contest, a competition. I do feel for them, though. It's been a rollercoaster for our side ever since the conventions. We fight back and then the meltdown hits, and we come soooo close when we really never shoulda had a chance, actually. Not if you consider a mediocre campaign, a controversial VP pick, no money, and a candidate whose entire career has been anathema to loyal factions so he really has none. It's truly a wonder this wasn't a total blow-out. I'm grateful, anyway.

My precinct where I worked this afternoon was very busy, but not as much as we thought it would be. Finally, about 5 pm, someone from the county clerk's office called to let us know we wouldn't be getting a surge at the end, because we'd have huge early voting from our precinct. That was helpful, because we were constantly wondering when they would storm in. We were all kinda punch drunk goofy after that. It was more stressful than we'd realized.

Well, I cannot hardly keep my fingers typing, I'm so tired. I guess I'll have to fall back on blogging about my own boring life again now. Meh. Maybe I can think of something more interesting...

Til then, stay safe and party if your guy won, or try not to drink too much if yours lost. :-)

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