Friday, December 07, 2007

"Put It On and Stay Strong!"

...Now that I have your attention and you're probably going, what the hey??? LOL

Yeah, totally lovin' that quote so much, I made it my blog entry title today. Said by one Jennifer Love Hewitt to all young women out there struggling with body self-esteem issues (that would be 99.9% of them, plus 98% of the rest of us females). Seems that the media had uploaded some candid beach photos of Hewitt in Hawaii on a vacation with her fiance, ones that {gasp} exposed her luscious curves clad in a spandex bikini. Yeah, we know what happens...ya get a few folds because spandex would squeeze folds out of a pencil, ok? People began posting she looked fat. So Love shot back, saying that a size 2 is not fat and that she loves her body. And to those young girls, she advised them to "put on a bikini, put it on and stay strong."

Now there's a great "So There!" moment. Love, welcome to the Kiss-My-Fat-*ss Club. Tyra Banks is the president, of course. You go, ladies! (Gawd, I'd give up taste buds to be a size 2...geez and double geez. What is wrong with people thinkin that is fat?)

Okay, hello everybody, TGI Friday to ya'll!Finals Care Pkg to MissyCard I made herAre ya gettin' hungy looking at all that candy, LOL? I am. This is what we sent Missy for her Finals Care Pkg., along with an encouragement card I made. I got to use the new KI Memories clear stamp I bought just for Missy's pages. (She loves the fleur de lis shape, in any variety.) Anyway, she called us when she got the pkg and was almost in tears of happiness. She must be getting homesick. Oh, as of yesterday, she is back with Diego now. I called my dad and told him, and he just had the best laugh. Yup, that's about all one can do. Better than getting ticked off like the Hubster, who cannot handle change quickly at all. Oh, to be young again, huh?

I made a decision this week. I am probably not going to show many or any more projects I've made for Christmas, in large part because the people I made stuff for may see and guess it's for them. It's another one of those decisions I don't like, but it's the right and best thing to do. I have been trying to decide this for a while and haven't shown several layouts I've made for presents. So, suffice it to say, there is gonna be a shipload of uploads come the New Year, bebe! LOL

I did want to talk about Christmas Planners, though. Better late than never, right? I always love looking in the galleries for the planners scrappers create, and I am forever flirting with jacking one for my own, but I continue to stick with my plain-jane planner I made back in like 1996 (seriously).

Oh, it's plain, plain, plain-o-rama, people. Here, let me show ya. I snapped photos of the sections (and I use them all every year):
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner

My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner
My Trusty ANCIENT Christmas Planner

Yeah, looks pretty old, huh? I think those are Print Shop graphics from back in the day, lol. But one thing new I added to it this year was sets of new pages for my sections, that I downloaded here, at Organized Christmas.

This website is amazing. 100% recommended, as well as it's sister sites for scrapbooking and household planner. In my opinion, every bit as useful as FlyLady. Check it out.

Well, it's busy here in the beehive, so I'm gonna close now. Have a great weekend, and I'll hopefully have another post on Monday. Namaste!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Love your planner! Off to check out the site for organizing too

Heather said...

Wow Aimes! Way to be organized. And when I was in college I had about 3 revolving boyfriends. I was a little indecisive then. Eventually none were good enough and I moved on!

Sarah C. said...

I laughed at the "news" reports about JLH's "fat" behind. Gimme a break. Geez...women are supposed to have curves - that's what makes us women! :)

Glad your DD enjoyed the care package! Awesome organizer. Looking fwd to seeing some of your crafty gifts after Christmas. I'm having to withhold some photos as well. Don't want to let the cat out of the bag. ;)

csimmers said...

Happy Holidays, Aimes! Seems like you're making great progress with gifts and such. Wish I could say the same. I have one handmade gift to finish and I'm struggling with that. It has to be done by the 21st. Wish me luck!!! Hugs! Cheryl

Gina (frazzledmom) said...

Aimesleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That's me squealing with delight that you're back in the game!! So glad that you're up to typing again. Loved your post....the minute I saw the heading, I knew what you were talking about. You go, Jennifer Love Hewitt!! The site that snapped and published those pics backed down immediately and actually apologized - which is pretty unusual for the paparazzi.

Love your Christmas planner! I should do something like that for next year - but I'll start collecting the info and recipes and lists etc NOW. Thanks for the link to the site too - totally bookmarking it!

And finally ..... welcome back! Good to see ya! :) {{{HUGS}}}